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About Us

It never surprises us that each year more people feel 2 wheel trips are the way to go and know that the experience and view from the saddle is worth any hill you may have to go over.

We believe that cycling:

  • connects you with the landscape,
  • connects you with the people you meet roadside,
  • makes you a better person,
  • & what better way to explore a country?

Maggi Jones (Canadian) and Geoff Norris (British), both of whom have independently travelled over 65 countries, with more than a third of their trip photos being taken from the bike saddle, manage and guide operations in Cycling Country. Living full time in Alhama de Granada, Andalucia, each year they and the team add new routes to the schedule, as their love of exploration has not been dimmed, even with the copious paperwork needed to run a business in Spain! Small is beautiful as the company is very much owner operated.

Cycle Touring - London to Turkey Family cycling in Andalucia Family Cycling in Andalucia Cycling in Belgium Cycling in Romania Cycling in Guatemala Cycling in Guatemala Cycling in Romania Cycling in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia Cycling in Thailand CyclingToSingapore

The Cycling Country Difference

Cycling does nothing but good.

This is our Company's ESSENCE... is what we believe and want YOU to come away thinking too.

Travelling by bike connects and immerses you into a country, the terrain, the people, the landscape, like no other mode of travel. Around every corner there is something different, whether you are just popping to pick something up at the store at home or cycling out of a medieval village square in Portugal, busy with a local market that has gone on since the 1600s. Since smell is the key to memory, those sweet Spanish roadside fragrances of fennel and sun flowers you pass en route will linger in your thoughts for years after. Cycling can be that evocative and cycling in a different country even more so.

Cycling in Andalucia

We want you to have life changing experiences returning from your voyage with us, inspired, challenged and enthused to continue a lifetime of travelling this way. That is our goal and we will provide what ever we can to make that happen for you. We offer cycling tours made by cyclists and are passionate about this whether you are a leisure rider to a competitive racing cyclist.

Cycle Touring in Guatamala Enjoy Andalucian wildflowers

Local and Responsible

We are a local company, operating and traveling regularily to forge long-standing relationships with the independent and small businesses we use.

Cycling in Andalucia

We are also registered in Spain and financially bonded, and aware of our social and legal responsibilities to our guests and staff.

Being a small operator, we can provide you with an intimate knowledge, attention to detail and personalized service on your cycling holiday that mainstream, large group, churn them out tours, other operators just can´t offer. We stay friends with our past clients, when other operators consider them bottom line numbers.

Taking photos of local shepherd and goats on cycle path

We provide and promote responsible and sustainable tourism using local businesses and our objective is to support the local community and economy. Leaving less tyre tracks is an important aim to us. An infusion of culture, history, nature and gastronomic delights as well as the actual fun of cycling through some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, makes it a joy to live here running such a company.

We hope you will feel the same passion we do about our trips.

Enjoy the ride. We only go where there is good Cycling Country.

Cycling around Alhama de Granada
Cycling Country Headquarters, Alhama de Granada

Bike and the Like

Everyone at Cycling Country is devoted to cycling and sharing that enthusiasm with you. We are passionate about promoting cycling and working with the local community.

Cycling Country endeavours to work with sustainable and environmentally friendly options whilst on road trips and in the office. We are committed to supporting several charitable programs, and the company regularly donates funds to humanitarian aid situations and community schemes. Read More.

Cycle Touring in Guatamala Cycle Touring in Istanbul, Turkey

The Team

However, we couldn´t do it without help and we are proud to list as our team, this special group of people

Maggi Jones

Despite her background in art, history and education she has filled her photo albums with pictures of high altitude trekking in Nepal and backpacking in lovely and diverse landscapes like Indonesia, Thailand, Israel, India and Morocco.

As a travel photographer and writer, Maggi decided to meld her love of cycle travel with her appetite for exploration by setting up Cycling Country with her husband Geoff. The photos on this website are her handywork.

Her favourite rides include the medieval area of Maramuris in northern Romania and cycling out of Lake Atitlan´s volcanic landscape in Guatemala.

Cycling in Ethiopia
Cycle Touring in Guatemala
Cycling in Ethiopia
Cycling in Ethiopia

Being the hot weather lover that she is, despite being Canadian, she was part of the first ever cycling expedition to tackle the 50+ degrees celsius temperatures of the Danakil depression in Ethiopia, the "cruelest place on Earth" according to National Geographic!

Geoff Norris

Road Cycling in the Pyrenees, France
Road Cycling in the Pyrenees, France
Cycling in Mexico
Cycling in Guatemala

Geoff, a bike rider since he could walk, comes from a business and financial background having worked in his home town of London and then onto New York, Paris and Sydney. Growing up in London, England he was part of the group that broke the British school’s cycling touring club record for distance cycling by clocking up a mileage of 251 miles (404km) in a day. Little did he know, this was to be the start of a life-long connection with 2 wheels.

Cycling in Andalucia in April

To avoid having to think about derivatives, chain set derivations brought too much allure and soon the pedals were turning again across whole continents as he embarked on cycling travelogues across Europe, Central America, Australia and Asia. Killing scorpions, fixing punctures in downpours, sewing up tents being shredded by dingoes and the ability to use gaffa tape in 101 useful ways are some of his cycle touring skills he acquired on his journeys.

Living in Alhama de Granada for the past 13 years with his wife Maggi, he can often been seen towing their 9 year old daughter with a bike tag-a-long. Good training, he tells us.

His favourite rides include the famous Spanish cols of the Pyrenees, the coastal mountains of Andalucia, and when escaping the office, the morning loop around Lake Bermejales.

Dean Kinnerley

Here is quite the Renaissance Man from Derby who has lived around the UK and Crete, Greece. Dean´s past work experiences include steaming through the streets of London as a cycle courier, goat herder on an organic farm in France, and carpenter at the BBC. This racing cyclist (with 23 years of road racing under his belt) has the great distinction of winning the sub-champion of Andalucia title and has ridden La Vuelta a España in the Masters category (the first English speaker to finish), and is never far from wheels and winners.

Cycling in Andalucia in April

In 2013, whilst racing in La Etapa of La Vuelta (in which he placed 10th), he helped push Big Mig, former 5 time winner of the Tour de France, Miguel Indurain up a mountain whilst the great man put his chain back on. A true gent of the road. We all try to keep up with Dean, but quite quickly throw in the towel, he is that quick. Catch Dean, if you can, riding his favourite mountain roads around his home town of Granada all year around.

dean cyclingvuelta dean racing cycling country dean

  Javier Torres

A local lad, from a pueblo near to Granada, Javier brings some Andaluz flavour to the team. Allow him to explain the pleasures of a good cut of iberico jamon or what makes a fine olive oil, there is no end to his knowledge of local produce. From a strong cycling family, Javi is often seen out on the roads of Granada, sometimes riding with his father who still likes to push it on those hills he has ridden all his life .

His adventures have taken him from a year working abroad in the UK, to cycling the Camino de Santiago and some of the routes of La Vuelta. Trained as an architect and having worked as project manager in the building business, he has a love and indepth knowledge of the history and unique monumental buildings found all over Southern Spain. Meet him on our Andalucian tours!

dean and javi on tour
dean and javi on tourdean and javi on tourdean and javi on tour

Warren Hayes

Warren recently made the step from teacher to bike guide. Warren cut his path as an art and design teacher in secondary schools where the daily practice of teaching went hand in hand with the ability to empathize with the needs of both students and colleagues. Warren is hoping this patient and understanding approach, which served him so well as a teacher, will allow him to flourish as a guide.

The quest for new cultural experiences has seen Warren travel extensively throughout the Pyrenean regions of Spain and France, the Swiss, French and Italian Alps, and the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Recently, his travels have extended further to China and Northern Vietnam and the pull from China being so strong led to him living for one year in Beijing where he worked as an English teacher to vocational students.

warren beijing cycling cycling with monks in the background Granada cycling tour

  Dani Damas

Another Granadino from central Granada, Dani is a keen Mountain Biker in the fantastic Granada area and loves taking bikes apart (and of course putting them back together!). He is a great help with all things mechancial. life.

He has enjoyed working in England, spending time in the beautiful university town of Oxford. Trained with a certificate in Tourism, he started out leading tours through Spain on 4 wheels (bus tours) and now downsized to 2! Dani has great experience in many fascinating parts of Spain .has a love and indepth knowledge of the history and unique monumental buildings found all over Southern Spain. Meet him on our Andalucian tours!

javier cycling country tourBike tourBike tourBike tour

Balbino Quesada

Balbino is a great all rounder with many years of experience in climbing, swimming, skiing and triathalon. Winter work for many years has been guiding people in the snowy mountain ski slopes of Granada´s Sierra Nevada which he loves.

A family man with 2 young ones, he is always busy expanding his experiences whilst living in beautiful Murcia. Living near some delicious vineyards, he will be trying to tempt you to forgo vinos of Rioja for those of Murcia! Loving being on a bike and with people is a main draw to Balbino and he will enjoy sharing his knowledge of his country with those on our Spanish tours.


beijing cycling CyclingSubettica Granada cycling tourGranada cycling tour

  John Sheaf

Try and fit this Londoner into a box so diverse are his talents and experiences. A former triathlete, Royal Navy sailor, Ships Diver and participant in the Royal Tournament Field Gun Competition (he and his team Portsmouth impressively won all the cups and also broke records that year!), he has sailed all over the world.

John, having run his own Tree Surgeon´s firm is also a pro with naming any tree, bush or bird (and in Latin too). Just try and stump him. Now living in Andalucia with his family, John loves to share his experience and immense knowledge of the outdoor lifestyle he so enjoys.


In The Office

  Aimee Barnard

vietnam cycling in Ha Noi

Aimee got her travel bug early on and left her home town in the Philippines for more "exotic" locales and has not looked back. She has lived in Bangkok and Ha Noi and has been living in Spain for the past 9 years. Her favourite travel experiences include walking in the jungle of Sangklaburi, a town which borders Thailand and Burma, and exploring the North of Viet Nam with her husband on a Russian-Minsk bike.

Other Members of the Team

We have had many helpers and associates along the way who have formed friendships, lifted a lot of bags and were a vast aid to make our trips as fine as they can be with their good humour and wealth of experience. From Alhama de Granada, our home town, we are proud to have both Luis and Lalo who add their Andalucian experience into the mix. Ask them anything about olives, tapas and this area of the world and they will have an answer.

andalucia cycling tour

From further north, but a local girl, Tonie added the Danish perspective. Tonie has gone on to have her own family and spread that love of cycling on to her young son. Just ask her about winning her weight in asparagus for finishing first in a local Andalucia bike race.

Our Spanish walking guides and friends, Jose Alfonso and Alvaro in Sevilla and Lourdes in Córdoba are a fun group. All of them are kept busy with young families, but they still find time to cheer on their favourite football team (Betis -Alfonso), cultivate a fine collection of "Best Ever Flan" photos (Alvaro) and learn Japanese (Lourdes)! In Portugal, Jose and Rita cannot possibly have time for both babies and business but they somehow squeeze those things in AND know the most amazing facts to enthral you. Our friend and guide Maria in the Evora region, has 2 busy teenagers but will take time to show you the best spots for buying ceramics and wax lyrical about the Alentejo for hours!

What a great bunch! Meet them on our tours.

Tonie and Geoff Luis cycling to Alhama Cycling with John Cycling with Tonie Lalo filling up all those water bottles! Luis & Geoff in Cordoba Cycling from Cordoba with John Maggi and Lalo guarding the Bikes Maggi and Ariella Maggi Alfonso Maria Lourdes Jose Alfonso

If you would like to join the Team, please check our Job Opportunities page for any openings.

The Legal Stuff

Crossing all your "t"s and dotting all the "i"s is essential for your peace of mind for any cyclist when selecting a bike tour operator. We pride ourselves on being set up to meet all requirements as an operator and bonded travel agency.

The company (Cycling Country S.L.) is formed as a Limited Liability Company (B18907741) and registered with the Spanish Tourist board and the Junta of Andalucia as a Travel Agency (CIAN 184031-2). Registration as a Travel Agency is a legal requirement in safeguarding your monies and allowing us to book and operate the tour for you as a client. Beware of other operators who are not registered and bonded.

Cycling Country and the cyclist logo is a Registered Trade Mark - accept no imitations!

We are also extremely proud to be one of the few companies to be an official tour operator for Spain´s greatest professional road race, La Vuelta a España (the Tour of Spain). Viva La Vuelta!

Vuelta Espana Bike Tour Operator

Cycling Country S.L. is registered as a limited liability company (No. B18907741) and licenced as a fully bonded travel agency in Andalucia, Spain (No. 184031-2) in compliance with Spanish and European Law. Cycling Country and the Cyclist Logo are a Registered Trade Mark.

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