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We are proud to be featured in artices and guide books by journalists from all around the world. Enjoy reading...we did!

Adventure Cyclist - USA (February 2017)

Cycling Country in Adventure Cyclist Magazine,
The Adventure Cyclist magazine of the Adventure Cycling Association in the USA (, showcased our self guided Moorish Andalucia Bike Tour in a 4 page spread entitled "Riding the Tapas Tail".

Enjoy reading Alex Strickland's, the editor-in-chief, end of season adventure as he rode between Córdoba and Granada, stopping off en-route to visit us in Alhama de Granada. "Cheap beer, free food and perfect roads here in southern Spain" - did he find cycling heaven? Read full article.

Adventure Cyclist Spain

Cyclist Magazine - UK (October 2015)

Cyclist Magazine (UK), featured journalist, Trevor Ward´s piece, “Take it to the Limit” about the nearby Andalucian city of Granada´s epic yearly sport´s event, El Limité which he participated in, on one of our Carbon TREK bikes. It is a great read, showcases what a fantastic area it is to ride, and almost make you want to go out and do it, though perhaps not in the high 40 degree heat Trevor had that weekend! When we met with Trevor after the ride, he was pretty tired but was enthusiastic enough to capture in his article the great atmosphere and comraderie of the event and how the landscape in the Granada district offers as much challenge as you want!

If this whets your appetite to participate in this great event, then those interested should look at our Granada and the Sierra Nevada tour where we feature it.

If you can´t make that, then the climbs and the Pico Veleta summit in the Sierra Nevada are also featured in our Signature Climbs Series - The South guided tour.

Bike Tour in the Alentejo“If cycling is about self-exploration and pushing personal boundaries, then this sportive will do just that”

At least the sweat stinging my eyes means I can’t see the spots in front of them. I’ve just dismounted at a feed station and feel distinctly light-headed, which may have something to do with the fact that the last time I was at this altitude I was in a plane rather than on a bike.


The Sunday Times - UK (October 2015)

Cycling Country in the Sunday Times
The Sunday Times (UK) featured journalist James Blick´s write up to a guide on Southern Spain and the varied options for the visitor, including us, in the secret bolthole of our home town of Alhama de Granada!

Interested to spend more time in this lovely part of Southern Spain? You should look at our Quiet Paths tour where we feature historic Alhama de Granada.

AS Newspaper and International TV (August 2014)

AS, Spain´s premier sports newspaper, featured us in their story, "A giant bicycle made from tractors - an initiative started by Cycling Country, a company that organises tours for cyclists in Spain and Portugal from their base in Alhama de Granada. (“Una bicicleta gigantesca hecha con tractores - La iniciativa surgió de Cycling Country, una empresa que organiza rutas y vacaciones ciclistas en España y en Portugal, con su base establecida en Alhama de Granada").

This article was about the special aerial display of field art that we helped organise with the people of our village of Alhama de Granada to welcome La Vuelta a España 2014 as it passed through. The display was featured on LIVE tv and transmitted internationally to 55 countries. It was later seen in La Vuelta 2014 celebratory finish film extravaganza in Santiago de Compostela, projected onto the town hall.

In the centre of Alhama de Granada, we organised a stand for the children of the village to watch the race, with special commerative t-shirts as gifts.
The mayor of Alhama de Granada, José Fernando Molina (centre), with Geoff (right) at our Vuelta stand.
Read more - Here is the link to the full online article

Granada Ideal Newspaper (August 2014) & several other local papers

Granada´s paper Ideal featured a photo montage of La Vuelta a España passing through the Granada region on the stage 6 (Benalmádena to La Zubia). Cycling Country featured in it with the tractor spectacle as well as one of our own cyclists making his way up the tough Cumbres Verdes climb.


Bicycling Australia (Nov/Dec 2013)

Bicycling Australia´s story, “Hot, Flat and Unemployed” by cycling journalist, Roger Cull featured our challenging road bike route, Lakes, Mountains & Sea tour as a highlight trip on an around Spain journey. From summit to sea, we can´t help but agree with Roger that it is a stunner.

Article text below

"You’ve heard that Tuscany and the Dolomites in Italy are stunning, the French Alps challenging, the Rheine and Mosel rivers in Germany gorgeous, the Loire and Burgundy regions in France beautiful. Well, in all of these impressions you would be right. But what about Spain? Roger Cull journeys to set the record straight about cycling in Europe’s fifth largest, but one of its lesser visited and probably lesser understood cycling destinations."

The white villages are scattered across rolling hills of olive groves, cork trees and vineyards... So what better way to move through this fairy tale landscape than by bicycle?
Nine years ago Maggi Jones and Geoff Norris, she a Canadian and he a pom, moved to Alhama de Granada, a small town near the centre of Granada Provence which is in turn near the centre of Andalucía Region. .... We chose a self-guided tour. Apart from the obvious cost saving, the Cycling Country (CC) concept of a self-guided tour is a winner;.. following a route that has been carefully crafted to take in the best of the countryside and local towns but avoids the busy roads (which from our experience in northern Spain are not always obvious from road maps). Materials supplied are comprehensive; maps, corner by corner, turn by turn written directions, even the route loaded into your GPS (or onto a CC GPS), plus maps and brochures on towns/sights/attractions en route... A stunning ride of around 600km over six days. We punctuated our tour with a couple of days in Granada (city)to visit the Alhambra and to ride the Pico de Veleta... There’s no need to recount our ride day by day or hill by hill. Suffice it to say that it was a feast of the aforementioned white villages and stunning landscapes, liberally peppered with challenging climbs and thrilling descents, the best of which, and one of the best you could ever ride, is on the last day. .. An unforgettable finish to a cracker of a tour. A week on a CC self-guided tour in Andalucía would be the perfect way to stretch the legs and the lungs when you’ve had about enough of European cathedrals and museums. Or string two or three together and really settle into the lifestyle. And if you don’t feel like taking your own bike then use one of CC’s collection of good quality 27 speed Orbeas and Treks. Bring your own shoes, peddles and saddle and it might almost feel like your own bike.

Featured in these Guide Books (2012/2013)

Sunday Times (June 2011)

We made the Travel Supplement´s main cover story, “Light your own Olympic Flame” which picked the best action holidays for those wanting a sporting challenge. Our Lakes, Mountains & Sea tour was featured as being a trip that will bring you up to speed on the bike. A great route through Sierras and Summits to end seaside - it´s one of our favourites too.

Article text below

"You might not make Team GB but you can still be inspired by 2012 to tackle a new sporting challenge. Martin Hemming picks the best action holidays for all abilities."

Cycling – Rising Star – As your pedal power increases, so should the gradients. The smooth mountain roads of Andalusia get the balance between epic and doable just right. The self-guided Lakes, Mountains and Sea tour from Cycling Country (0034 958 360 655, winds its way from historic Alhama de Granada, over sierras, through almond forests, past old castles and classic coffee stops, occasionally joining the route ridden by Mark Cavendish in the Vuelta. As a relief to those throbbing quads and glutes, day six is a long superfast grin inducing descent from Bermejales lake, between the peaks of Almijara National Park, down to the Med at Almuñecar for beers and a bathe. The six-night tour starts at 609 GBP, staying B&B at hotels and inns; bike hire is 100GBP. Airlines flying to Malaga include EasyJet (0843 104 5000, and Thomsonfly (0871 231 4787,

The Vancouver Sun (April 2011) and The Ottawa Citizen (May 2011)

Travel writer Paul Heraty and his wife Mary came on our Moorish Andalusia tour. Read his light hearted take on the trip, having declared "this will be one of the best trips we have ever taken."....Surely not! Read whole article with photos....

Spanish TV (May 2011)

We were invited to appear at an olive press in Andalucia to be part of a promotional film for TV to highlight Cordoba as a candidate for the European city of culture 2016. Our Moorish Andalusia cyclists from our May tour were lucky enough to star!

USA Today (April 2011 / 12)

2 Articles featured our tours, 1 under an article on Adventure Tourism in Europe, our Olive Trails bike tour is chosen as a cycling highlight: "Bikers with less experience can check out the seven-day Olive Trails tour by Cycling Country. Breeze past the sprawling cathedrals and small villages of Seville, Spain, stay overnight in a monastery, enjoy a cheese tasting and try an Arabic hot bath. ...Meals, hotel accommodations and guides are included." See article....

The Sunday Times (May 2010)

We are proud to be recommended in the Travel Section of the Sunday Times as number 4 in their guide to 50 Summer Adventures for 2010.

"What gives this 10-day, 250-mile transit through the Andalusian sierras a moderate rating, says Cycling Country (00 34 958 360655,, is the comfy support vehicle, in which you can happily sprawl when you simply want to admire the scorched landscape of olive groves, cork forests and dazzling pueblos blancos..." Read more....

Food & Travel Magazine (October 2009)

"Pedal Power. Cycling Country - Guided and self guided tours of Andalucia, Spain and Alentejo, Portugal. Taking in historic buildings and beautiful countryside, with a strong emphasis on each region´s cuisine."

Spanish Television (September 2008)

Geoff Norris of Cycling Country being interviewed by a local Andalucian camera crew for a programme on cycling in Spain and the Rail for Trails (Via Verde) network.

Living Spain Magazine (August 2007)

"Combining their love of cycle friendly Spain and the outdoor life, Geoff Norris and Maggi Jones have built up a successful business that also puts something back into their new community...." Read more....

Costa Del Sol News (Feb 2007)

"I begin our gentle ascent. Past almond trees and patchwork fields and sandy scrub, purple hills behind us and the snow capped Sierra Nevada ahead in the distance. At last we reach the brow of the hill and the views of the turquoise lake, and then its a fabulous downhill freewheel......

.....with their determination to do things properly, their sheer hard work and their passionate idealism, they have created a successful and ethical tourist business that foments understanding and genuine interaction between the visitor and visited."

Spanish Fiestas (Jan 2006)

"Freewheeling through Southern Spain’s almond and olive groves is like a religious experience for a cyclist, from the African infused winds to the pulsating warm vibe of the Mediterranean coast, this captivating landscape makes any hill worthwhile. In fact, most of the routes you ride in Andalucia will convert you to two wheel trips forever - it’s that inspiring." Read whole article....

Where 2? (Nov-Dec 2005)

"If you prefer two wheels to four, take in the spectacular countryside of the Poniente Granadino and join a guided cycling tour run by Cycling Country. It's a great way to see this area and they 'promote responsible and sustainable tourism. pushing pedals and putting the brakes to your hectic pace of life'.

Tours range from a 'Quiet Paths Weekender' to 8 or 10 days cycling through hills and valleys further afield. The weekend trip takes in four days of unspoilt landscapes, including thermal baths to soak stiff joints, Alhama de Granada's gorge, Loja, Montefrio, the Alhambra and a quiet stroll through the Albaicin quarter."

In Madrid (July 2005)

"It's a great holiday option - a healthy active break with a dose of culture and some tasty Andalusian food. When I gave it a go, despite it being my first time on a bike since childhood, I was soon freewheeling off into the sunset, leaving behind all the stresses of the city." Read whole article....

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