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Testimonials from previous cyclists are always available. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a reference to talk to. Others have also posted reviews on the independent travel website TripAdvisor and Google +

2017 - Signature Climbs - The South - "Can not recommend this guided tour highly enough to anyone thinking of signing up for a tour in Southern Spain. Routes, scenery, weather and climbs were perfect and Geoff and his team provided an amazing level of service throughout the trip which would be difficult to beat by any other tour operator. Geoff was also an amazing host whose passion for cycling and Spanish culture shone through at all times. This tour should be on every cyclist's bucket list! "

S. Trumper, UK, Oct 2017(Signature Climbs - Guided)

2017 -"Hi Maggi and Jeff, Our last day of cycling went just as well as the preceeding ones. Thanks again for the great trip! We'll recommend your tours to anybody showing the slightest interest in cycling. :) Have a good time! "

M & S. Ruf, Switzerland, Nov 2017 (Moorish Road - Self Guided)

2017 -"Just returned home from this bike tour with Cycling Country. The experience was amazing. I especially appreciated the fine support and care given by our 3 guides. They even helped us reach the train station the final day. I was able to learn a lot about Spanish culture/life and felt my needs were well addressed. Thanks for helping me to experience an once in a lifetime trip."

D. Hinson, USA, Sept 2017 (Enchanted Andalucia - Guided)

2017 -"We are back home, it's Friday evening, I am sipping a Spanish Rioja, and am missing Spain and you all! Thank you again for all your work during our trip. It was perfect and Carrie & I had an absolutely fantastic time!! I've been feeling rather sad since we got home, wishing we were still in Andalucía, enjoying the sunshine, biking, our guides and the others on our trip. You really did create an unforgettable experience for us. So, thanks again for everything! I know you're busily preparing for another group, although I'm sure they won't compare with ours  Gracias! "

M. & C. Bergman, USA, Sept 2017 (Enchanted Andalucia - Guided)

2016 -"Thanks for everything - Karen and I just arrived back in Boston. We had a GREAT trip - thanks to your great service and the wonderful people working for your company!  Thanks a million for making our trip to Spain so much fun!
We will definitely write a review and recommend the tour! "

D. & K.Ginty, Boston, USA, Oct 2016 (Moorish Road - Self Guided)

2016 - "We had a great Spanish bike trip.  The hardest one of the 10 European rides I have been on, but one of the nicest.  But, then it seems like everything is harder as the years tick by!  The city tours, the villages, the wonderful food and people are all memorable.  Our guides were terrific.  Very attentive, informative and always there when we needed them.  They sure know their stuff. Thoroughly enjoyable!"

D. Williams, California, USA, Oct, 2016 (Custom Enchanted Andalucia)

2016 -"All in all, I would say that it was a very enjoyable trip.  Certainly we had lots of adventures—good exercise, beautiful scenery, great people—that’s what cycling is all about, eh?!  Your company and your people lived up to the glowing reviews we read ahead of time.  :  ) Perhaps some day we will have another chance to tour with Cycling Country."

V. & D.Hood, BC., Canada, Sept 2016 (White Villages - Self Guided)

2016 -" What wonderful pictures and memories. I particularly enjoy the “Profile” ones with the look of disbelief on all our faces!
Seriously we had a wonderful time and will definitely be back."

J & M. Wallas, QLD,Australia, May, 2016 (Enchanted Ancalucia)

2016 - "We did want to let you know that our cycling trip was a highlight from our trip to Spain.  We really felt we saw more 'real Spain' during those 5 days rather than 'tourist Spain’ of the remainder of our time"

P & S. Irving, Vancouver, CAN, Oct, 2016 (Quiet Paths -SG)

2016 - "Geoff, Thank you for a wonderful week!  We don´t have words to express our gratitude for the beautiful ride, the care and attention to dietary needs an special recognition for Bryan´s birthday..You and Maggi have put together a wonderful organization, and we are so glad the tour was part of our honeymoon.  It made our trip to Spain truly special.  We will be in touch over the next year or so about our next Cycling Country Tour, Thank you! "

J & B Flint, WA, USA, October 2016 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2016 - "The team at Cycling Country put together a fantastic self-guiding tour for the four of us (myself, husband, and parents), over 5 days. The routes were gorgeous, interesting, and a perfect amount of challenge. We cycled between 45-65 km per day, and always ended up in a beautiful small spanish town with lots of places to explore. The food in this region is fantastic, and Cycling Country made sure to point out what places they recommend to eat during the cycling. 

The routes that Cycling Country provides were very clear and detailed - we never got lost! - and we always had the option of a shorter or longer route.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Cycling Country "gang" in Granada, and they took exceptional care of us, making sure all the bikes were working as they should, including the e-bike my dad was renting. 

Thanks Cycling Country Day Rides! We loved it"

R. Reininger, WA, USA, May , 2016 (Quiet Paths)

2015 -"We had a great trip. The cycling was challenging but well worth the scenery, the views and the white villages we visited. The  accommodations were wonderful and the hosts were very pleasant and helpful. The food was very tasty but then how can you go wrong with tapas, cerveza and sangria. Kathy and I would like to thank Cycling Country for setting up the tour, providing the bikes, maps, information sheets/booklet and directions. Definitely, an A-One job. It was a pleasure meeting Warren, Geoff and Maggie. Otherwise as we said, the trip was great and the organization and preparatory help from Cycling Country was superb. A great big thank you from us both.

G. & K.Osborne, Ontario, Canada, November 2015 (White Villages - Self Guided)

2015 - "Good day Maggi, Geoff, Dean & Javi! Thank you for a most enjoyabable and memorable vacation! Maggi, we thank you for all the behind-the-scenes preparation. Dean and Javi, you were always so patient and kind to put up with us novices, and out of shape cyclists! Also we appreciate your constant enthusiasm, and imparting knowledge of all of Spain! We can not wait to return and I am working with Michael to adjust his time off so we can go to Portugal with you! We adore the photos, thank you so very much! We didn´t realize you were all such shutterbugs (engaged with trying to climb the hill, no doubt!)

Thank you so very very much again and again!"

R. Bueche, MI, USA, Oct 25 2015 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2015 - "Hello everyone, What terrific memories!!!  As the rain pours down here it’s fantastic to enjoy the photos from our travels with the Cycling Country crew and new international friends!   Can’t wait to see if anyone adds some of their photos as we relive a great trip.  Let´s go... Portugal 2016!!"

C. Mcnamee, Ohio, USA, Sept 22, 2015 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2014 - "Thank you so much for the pictures. They brought back wonderful memories and will be indispensable in creating our own photo book. We were just saying this morning how we missed riding every day. Many thanks to Dean and Javi for taking the great pictures, but also for all their encouragement and advice along the way. The tour - but mostly all the hills - pushed our comfort level and gave us the confidence to attempt more on our future rides. "

D. & A. Kuwahara, Calgary, Canada, October 2014 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2014 - "Hi Maggi and Jeff - we really enjoyed our tour - definitely some challenging climbs (El Torcal comes to mind!) but the scenery was amazing and overall we had wonderful weather - slightly cool in the morning, warm but not too hot during the days, rainshowers in the late afternoons. Even the one day that had several rainstorms was beautiful - we saw a double rainbow that day. Thanks for the GPS routes - that really helped us get into and out of some of the towns. And we loved the information packets - its always fun to know more about the place you are in. Hope you are having fun in Portugal - it was great meeting you!"

M. Pratt, Oregon, USA, Sept 29 2014 (White Villages)

2014 - "Hi Maggie, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent Enchanted Andalucia trip (Sept. 8) with Javi and John. Everything was run brilliantly. Javi and John were superb, they were very professional, always helpful, supportive and a lot of fun. It was evident they really cared about providing us with a happy and memorable experience of this region of Spain. A few of our group were unlucky to draw a season’s worth of punctures in a few days. Javi & John were quick and unruffled in dealing with these minor issues on the road to keep us moving. But more so, I know they worked long and tirelessly after hours to ensure the following day ran smoothly, checking wheels, patching tubes (repeatedly) and buying more spares. (Ask John about the tube patching nightmare that woke him in Zuheros :-) They always ensured we had whatever we needed on the ride. Each pre-ride briefing was excellent, I appreciated the profile overview and the advice on when extra care might be required on a road hazard or dicey descent. (Although it must be said that Javi’s interpretation of upcoming climbs that are ‘not too difficult’ and mine varies significantly!)

Both Javi and John spoke highly of you and Geoff, and it was evident in your company policies on things such as collecting snack litter and recycling the large water bottles that you have in place a great ethic and team. I arrived in Spain with a bad flu bug, leaving me cycling way back well at the rear of the group. Both Javi and John (and the rest of the group) were very accommodating and ensured there were sufficient ‘re-group’ stops for me to catch up for which I was extremely grateful. I knew the van was always available should I need it, no drama, no fuss. I loved the selection of hotels, thank you. Each had something special in either their heritage or their location. Or, like the more modern hotel in Cordoba, offered a great view and rooftop pool. I believe we were incredibly lucky with the group make-up, we were of a similar cycling standard (flu notwithstanding) and had the same mindset in enjoying being on the bikes and the challenge of the climbs and all enjoyed each others company. That plus the wonderful route and scenery and Javi and John made for a great time. Best wishes to all the team at Cycling Country,"

G.Nielsen – Sydney, Australia, Sept 2014 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2014 - "“Thank You!!” - Hi Maggie and Geoff, We want to thank you both so much for a truly wonderful and memorable cycle tour. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and everything was just perfect. We have told so many friends about it and I am sure that next year we will have them joining us. The photos you took are really good and brought back so many good times."

DMillar, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2014 (Vuelta 1 - The South)

2014 - "What great shots! Terrific! They bring back wonderful memories and memorable moments! They are so precious!! Thanks so much for sharing!! "

L.Sullivan, Colorado, USA, September 2014 (Vuelta 1 - The South)

2014 - "“Isabel, Oscar and I wanted to thank all of you for showing us such a good time on our bike tour the other week! The cycling was fantastic – just what we’d hoped for – and the accommodations were excellent. We were so happy to explore Granada and Alhama, and doing it with Cycling Country was the perfect way to do it. We especially wanted to thank Javi for all of the care and attention he showed us. Isabel and Oscar were very sorry not to have been awake to say goodbye and thank you to him. We all thought he was the ideal guide – knowledgeable, patient, informed, and thoughtful. We looked forward to seeing him every day; he really couldn’t have taken better care of us, especially given our lack of experience and many different needs (my seat is too high, my handle bars are too low, I need to stand in the shade, can we put our feet in the river? Etc. etc.) Thank you, Javi! I’ve attached a couple of photos that will help us remember our wonderful trip and that we thought you would enjoy also. Muchas gracias y hasta la proxima."

D. Watchell, New York, USA, August 2014 (Granada & Alhama Day Trips)

2014 - "Hi Maggi, You were absolutely right, cycling the Pico Veleta is much cooler than the Ventoux/ alpe d'Huez. What a great views, when I was up there I felt on top of the world!! What a great way to spend my 50th birthday! Tnx for your advice and the wonderfull bike."

H.Hauer, Haarlem, Holland, June 20 2014 (Bike Hire)

2014 - "“Thanks” - The quick answer is the trip was fabulous in all respects. We will do another self guided trip for sure. Absolutely beautiful scenery, good roads, nice hotels where we were treated wonderfully by the staff, nice bikes and great weather. Will recommend this trip to friends."

P y J. Luiz, Oregon, USA, June 2014 (Blue Coasts of Portugal)

2014 - "“Great Way to See Andalucia” - We just finished the fantastic "Enchanted Andalucia" Cycling Country Tour. The trip was well planned, the guides were very knowledgeable and engaging. The scenery was quite a variety of olive groves to beautiful mountains. Most places we stayed for 2 nights, so we didn't have to pack up every day. We visited the three most important cities in Andalucia (Seville, Cordoba, and Granada), as well as many little intriguing "white villages". There were a few challenging climbs, but the van was always there if you preferred. We found Andalucia to be the most interesting and endearing part of Spain, and biking is a great way to see it."

D.Erlich, Palo Alto, California, May 2014 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2014 - " Just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Geoff, Dean & Warren for making our recent tour in Spain such a wonderful experience. We had a blast, and will always remember our days on the road and at the wonderful hotels, especially at Paco's and Dominique's. Really first class folks. I just completed a review for you on Tripadvisor.com, stating my high regard for the trip. I sincerely hope your business prospers, and hopefully within the next year, we will be able to return to Spain and do another tour with your company. Thanks again & best wishes, "

E. & D. Hoenig, Alabama, USA, May 2014 (Quiet Paths)

2014 - "Enchanted Andalucia Cycling Country Tour” - Fantastic! Loved every minute of it! With only 3 months cycling preparation we managed the 320km distance (hopped in van twice). Accommodation, food and guides Dean, Geoff, Warren & Javier were excellent! Had a ball with our group of 7 and experienced so much of this special area of Spain. Highly recommend this tour!."

D.Bradtke, Australia, April 2014 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2014 - "Hi Maggi, Lorraine and I are settled in with friends in Nerja.....it was a lovely trip with Cycling Country. I really had a wonderful time. ..can I cc you on the group email and can you forward to our great cycling guides and then they can respond too! We all wanted them to know they were more than welcome to come to Canada, the US and Australia to ride if they ever wanted too!Thanks, Maggi! "

D. Perret, Vancouver, Canada, March 2014 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2014 - "Thanks You!” - Dear Geoff and Maggi, I would like you to thank for a wonderful bike trip. We really enjoyed the tour a lot and all of us came back home with the promise to make this tour again, next year. Please also pass my thanks to Dean and Warren."

A.Mazon, Istanbul, March 2014 (Custom Club Training)

2013 - " “Best Vacation Ever” " We participated in Cycling Country's Signature Climbs of the South tour. It was incredibly well planned out and ran in the most professional and courteous way. Jeff and Dean are passionate about cycling and making sure their customers have a great time. They were always prepared and routes were well chosen. I have never been so challenged and so happy at the same time. The views on the rides were awesome. We rented their Trek Carbon road bikes and they were in good repair. This is a mom and pop organization that cares about you and making your adventure perfect for you. I recommend them highly."

C.Cover.California, U.S.A, Sept 2013 (Signature Climbs)

2013 - "I just want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Southern Spain cycling tour. It was really well organized, the accommodation had real variety from the Monastery in La Palma to the art deco of the Hotel in Granada. Due to the quality of hotels the meals in each were also very good. The Canadians who were part of the tour were so good it was like they were interviewed for suitability. They helped make the trip great too."

S.Webb, Victoria, Australia, November 2013 (Enchanted Andalucia)

2013 - "Just a final note to thank you so much for a great trip. The route you chose was perfect - no traffic and splendid scenery. The luggage transfer went without a hitch and you even transported me without complaint. All in all, I can't really think of how you could make it better. Many thanks - We will be spreading the word about how great a company you are."

J.Hyndham, B.C.,Canada, November 2013 (White Villages)

2013 - “Quiet Paths quite a journey” - My wife and I did four days of splendid cycling on the Quiet Paths self-guided tour. We started in Alhama de Granada for two nights, then rode to a small B&B outside of Montefrio and finished in Granada. We are in good shape but don't cycle much so some of the riding was a challenge, but it was also at times glorious, with wonderful views, solitude and not another tourist or tourist trap in sight. The owners, Maggi and Geoff, have a great attention to detail in providing equipment detailed directions and tips on the towns. "

P.Bartlow, B.C.,Canada, August 2013 (Quiet Paths)

“My wife and I did four days of splendid cycling on the Quiet Paths self-guided tour. We started in Alhama de Granada for two nights, then rode to a small B&B outside of Montefrio and finished in Granada. We are in good shape but don't cycle much so some of the riding was a challenge, but it was also at times glorious, with wonderful views, solitude and not another tourist or tourist trap in sight. The owners, Maggi and Geoff, have a great attention to detail in providing equipment detailed directions and tips on the towns.”

P.Barzilai, Virginia, USA, August 2013 (Quiet Paths)

" Can't possibly overstate what a wonderful experience it was to ride with the Spanish based company 'Cycling Country' on their Andalucia tour.Guides were knowledeable both about biking and the countryside/history of the region. The small group size (16 max) as well as the encouragement and humour of the guides resulted in a sense of family in the group such that many of us, strangers when we began, are already hoping to do another trip next year. Every detail was so carefully planned that they would always be my 'go to' company for cycle touring in Europe."

J. Ellens, Ottawa, Canada, October 2011 (Enchanted Andalucia)

"Geoff, A huge Thanks to you, Dean, Toni and Maggi in her absence who was there in spirit!! An absolutely brilliant experience and managed by Cycling Country to perfection. Roll on next year."

John Dunford, Dublin, Ireland, April 2011 (Custom Tour, Umoza Challenge 2011)

" Dear Dean and Geoff, Thanks very much for a great week with you, which I really enjoyed. You were professional, well organized and extremely pleasant. If you want to put this up on your website you are welcome to do so, and I would encourage anyone who reads this to do a cycling tour with you. That includes not particularly fit 56 year olds like me!"

Terence Matzdorff, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2011 (Moorish Andalusia)

"Dear Maggi, Jeff and Dean: A brief note of thanks for our terrific adventure in Andalucia. We truly appreciated all your efforts to make the cycling and accommodations first rate. Our cycling pals are quite envious and you may be hearing form them (and us) in future. Best wishes and good luck down the road"

Ron and Cheryl Matthews, Langley, Canada, June 2010 (White Villages)

"Maggi and Jeff, Thanks so much for a wonderful experience in Spain. If you ever need a testimonial for your website, just ask! I've got only positive things to say about Cycling Country. Will be off to the bike shop this week to ask about a road bike!!"

Claire B, London, UK, August 2010 (Moorish Andalusia)

"Hi Maggi, we are back at work now. Thank you very much for the cycling holiday. The route was wonderful. The information package you gave was very good and we did not get lost. The bikes worked well and we did not have any problems with them. The weather was almost too good. We had a fantastic week in Spain. Thank you very much!"

Suvi, Erkki and Sirpa, Finland, June 2009 (White Villages of Al-Andalus-Self Guided)

"We found the day trip extremely enjoyable and by far the best way to experience Andalusia, particularly as our timeframes in the region were limited. Aside from the tranquillity and beauty of the Granada region, a further definite plus was our host Geoff - he is encouraging, knowledgeable, personable, and above all patient with us as novices! Highly recommended."

Saranjit & Sunny Dhoot, Newcastle, UK, November 2008 (Granada Explorer Day Trip)

"I am now inspired to forget the breakfast mess still in the kitchen and go for a bike ride this sunny afternoon"

Helen Watler, Vancouver Island, Canada, September 2008 (Moorish Andalusia)

"Hiya Geoff and Maggi, Just a note to thank you for the trip you guys put together for us in Portugal. I must say I had a wonderful time ... I really appreciate the effort that was put forth by you all to make it a first class outing. Seeing the country on a bike really puts it in a different light as one would see it thru the resort type of holiday. Also a great find in Dean there as he is a great support for your team. so if I had them I'll be giving Cycling Country 5 stars for being a great outfit to book a cycling holiday with. Thanks so much and will be seeing you all soon I'm sure."

Keith Gorman, Vancouver, Canada, June 2008 (Custom Tour of Romantic Alentejo, Portugal)

"Dear Maggi and Geoff, Thanks for posting the photos. I had a great holiday. You don't really notice when somethings are well organised but looking back everything went so well, hotels, food company and of course some easy and more challenging cycling on a comfortable bike"

Paul Randall, Yorkshire, UK, December 2007 (Moorish Andalusia)

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you so much for such a good week's cycling. I had an amazing time....it just didn't last long enough! It was a really nice taster of the real Andalucia - The touring was amazing and the hotels and food just set it off perfectly. I would be happy to recommend the trip to anyone who is unsure"

Emma Page, Kent, UK, November 2007 (Moorish Andalusia)

"Phillip and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful cycling tour...the only thing we had to worry about was to get to breakfast on time with our bags packed! Everything...was taken care of – the hotels, the routes, the lunch stops – it all made for a very relaxing experience. Your evident love for and interest in the area we traveled through also added to our overall enjoyment, as you were always a source of interesting information and local lore. If you ever need a recommendation for your tours, we would be more than happy to laud you!"

Lorna Poplak, Toronto, Canada, October 2006 (Rustic & Royal Routes)

"We want to thank you both for the great ride we had. It certainly was the highlight of our two week trip. The equipment was very good. You took the time to make sure we were fitted well. We can't say enough good things of the time you spent pointing out the local history to us from the beginning of Columbus' expedition to the 2 BC Roman bridge."

Dennis Lemieux, USA, October 2006 (Alhama Explorer, Guided)

"Thank you so much for our tour! We enjoyed it immensely and found the service and organisation to be of an exceptional level. The bikes were in excellent condition and we also thought that your choices in accommodation were spot on. We would recommend Cycling Country without hesitation to anybody who has a sense of adventure and a love of cycling!"

Damon Hunt, London, UK, September 2006 (Moorish Andalusia)

"As we sit here having bottles of cava and reflecting on the last 7 days, we are absolutely overwhelmed with the experience and can't get over what a perfect operation you run. We were hopeful that we would get good tour guides. We had no idea we would meet such special people."

Fran Theriault, Ottawa, Canada, June 2006 (Custom Tour)

"Having returned to our go go go life, I often reflect back on the mile after mile of rolling Spanish countryside and find a moment of peace and calm. For anyone interested in a trip to Spain, there is no better way to get to know the land and its people than by bicycling across its territory. You will not be a passive tourist but will emerse yourself as an active participant in a vibrant and colorful landscape. My wife and I were most impressed by the facility and professionalism with which Maggi and Geoff were able to guide 10 cyclists of varying ablilities across 200 miles of Spanish countryside. Their knowledge of the route is intimate. Moorish Andalusia is, afterall, their home. Hats off to you both Maggi and Geoff, we look forward to our next adventure together!"

Hemant Vankawala M.D., Texas, USA, June 2006 (Moorish Andalusia)

"Geoff, we are back in the States and catching up with work, family, etc. Thanks for a delightful day cycling around Alhama...You were an excellent guide and very knowledgeable about Spain and the local area where we biked. Hope to be your way again and we will definitely look you up. Thanks."

Allison Wear, Colorado, USA, May 2006 (Alhama Explorer)

"I'm having a great time telling everyone about the trip. Basically I'm in raving mode! So thank you both for a great time. The holiday could hardly have been better. It certainly met every expectation and I really feel like I had a great tour of Andalucia."

Dave O'Connor, Dublin, Ireland, May 2006 (Moorish Andalusia)

"Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for our holiday earlier this month. The whole holiday was just what we wanted – the bikes, the route, the food and hotels all superb. We were all really knocked out by the well chosen routes, your personal attention to detail and superb support. We were also really impressed at how welcoming the locals were despite our non-existent Spanish. So many thanks."

Dick Gill, Jackie and Alex Burman, Aberlady, Scotland, April 2006 (Quiet Paths)

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