Activity Levels

Should I be an athlete?

If you have a good level of fitness and an active life-style then you should be fine.

It is not a race, you have all day and taking your time to enjoy the scenery and traverse the landscape is exactly what our tours are all about.

Our routes are also graded from Easy Going to Challenging, so do expect hills and longer days on the harder routes.

For our All Levels tours we recognise each cyclist has different experience and fitness, thus days are planned so the route is anywhere from 25 – 75 km and those feeling more energetic can choose to cycle more on most days. Our guides are also around to ride with those keener to add on more miles. A good holiday option for couples or friends with different riding abilities.

For all our tours, we recommend on road training rides beforehand. Please do ask us if you have any questions or are unsure of the grade of each tour - we have years of experience in helping you choose the cycle tour that is right for you.

Easy Going:

25-45km. For those who have never cycled much before, and enjoy routes where one can glide along. Like small distances averaging 30 kms per day with generally flat terrain.


50km. Weekend cyclists and commuters who take pleasure in getting to the top of hills. Like a varied landscape including some longer climbs


75km+. Those who come energized by the thought of a day of good mileage and having conquered a mountain climb or three . Enjoy hilly terrain & long ascents.

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