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Spain is a cycling friendly country with an impressive cycling heritage (La Vuelta is one of the most prestigious bike races in the world). Spaniards of all ages have a deep affinity with the ‘iron horse’.

A country of tremendous diversity and scope for the cyclist, it has everything: quiet roads, cycle paths, great weather, ever changing landscapes, flat valleys to challenging mountain climbs, genial people, world famous cultural and architectural sights and of course the tapas!

Paella, pink Mediterranean shrimps, goat’s cheese, tortilla, cured hams, ruby red Rioja… it’s not all about pedalling!

Andalusia (Andalucía in Spanish)

Most of our holidays cycle through the southernmost territory of the Iberian peninsular, Andalucía.

Rich in culture and history, a cross-roads of where Europe meets Africa, Andalucia provides what can only be described as the ‘real Spain’: bull fights, tapas bars, the sound of flamenco, the Moorish legacy, ruined castles, world class monuments, the heritage cities fof Granada, Seville, Córdoba and Ronda and without doubt, the most spectacular scenery imaginable.

Come with us to experience the legend of al-Andalus.

Below is a short round-up of the highlights of Andalusia to help you choose your cycling holiday:


Cyclists at El Chorro Gorge, AntequeraThe footprints of the ancients remain, their stone burial tombs are found beside an attractive town with some fine Baroque churches to bike by. Hike the nearby El Torcal national park, its extraordinary limestone sculptures balanced like Rodin’s ballerinas.


A port beside the Mediterranean with the largest Moorish castle in Andalusia. Sitting in Spain’s sunniest province, the city is surrounded by an almost lunarscape of desert and sand dunes. This stunning location has been the setting for Wild West films, ‘Laurence of Arabia’ and ‘Patton’.


Romantic Arabian nights spring to mind as you roll your bike through its hidden courtyards and flowered patios. Wind around the Jewish old quarter and surrender your senses to the the blended beauty of the Mezquita, where Moorish mosque and Christian cathedral share heavenly space.

Poniente Granadino

Almuñecar, Road Biking

An area west of Granada and north of the Mediterranean, this is rural Andalusia at its best. Lakes, hills, gorges, fertile plains, olive and almond groves and the medieval towns of Alhama de Granada, Loja and Montefrio await you as your bicycle touring in Spain takes you back in time.


The rocky gorge that this picturesque hill top town sits upon comes straight from the pages of an Ernest Hemingway novel. The most famous of the white villages, Ronda has incredible views of the surrounding mountains and a stunning 18th century arched bridge.


The vibrancy wafts like the heady incense that once permeated this city under Moorish rule. Bike around its Roman amphitheatre and magical alcazar fortress and then explore plaza’s packed full of cafés and wine bars. You’ll be torn whether to first visit Picasso’s birthplace and art gallery or sun on the golden Mediterranean beaches.


Home to one of the world’s great monuments, the outstanding Alhambra Palace. Gaze in awe at the graceful Islamic arches set beside the restful gardens. The last outpost of Muslim Spain with an atmospheric Arab quarter and its grand Gothic cathedral, Granada is a wonderful experience for any biking trip.

Seville (Sevilla)

Singing its own soundtrack, this elegant city is an aria of Moorish minarets, Roman legends and the thoroughly emotional Spanish love of bullfighting and flamenco dancing. The capital of the region that invented tapas has the world’s largest Gothic church and an incredible Alcazar (fortress). Marvel at the Giralda tower before finding the legend of Carmen.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Cycling Bike Tours

This wild and scenic mountain region, including the lower valleys of the Alpujarras, is a dream for bike touring. See some of the prettiest whitewashed villages where many still travel by donkey and shepherds roam the steep valleys. Snow capped in the winter, this postcard rustic Spain is also home to Andalusia’s famous cured hams. Climb the highest paved road in Europe to the top of Pico Veleta.


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