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We’re a small company
which allows for true flexibility

So if your pals, friends or work colleagues (from 4 to 60 people!) would like to include opera, olive oil tasting with beach biking or your cycling club is keen to mix summits and sangria, we can put together a bespoke tour for you.

Choose from ANY OF OUR TOURS and include anything from hiking, horse riding or having a go at cooking paella, your imagination is our guide to making your holiday memorable and meaningful.

Or if miles are your bag, then let us devise a route (or choose one of our already advertized routes) that will really test you out before going home and amazing your friends on your club rides.

 Cycling Sierra Nevada, Andalucia, Spain

Be as creative as you want

You call the distances, difficulty and dates and we take care of the details. We enjoy working with small or large groups of any experience and activity level. From hours on the beach by the Mediterranean or more time working it up a mountain pass, we have devised tours for all levels and experiences. Other nice perks are the ability to include custom jerseys, city walking tours, coach pickups / transfers, monument openings… the world is your oyster!

I was cycling today and thinking about you guys. The organization of the trip, the attentiveness and flexibility of the leaders, the routes, and the accommodations were all top notch. The variety and the overall high quality of the hotels were a pleasant surprise. All of this in the beauty of Southern Spain’s ancient cities and breathtaking countryside. That was a great vacation. Maybe I just need to get out more, meet more people, and take more great vacations!

Eddie Flayer

Berkeley, California, USA

Let your imagination run wild



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